Consultant Biophysicist

Cambridge, England, United Kingdom · Life Sciences


As a Consultant Biophysicist at TTP you will create disruptive, world-changing life-science technologies – and you’ll use fundamental science to get there.

Working within our multi-disciplinary teams, you will be able to apply your uniquely-valuable blend of analytical physical science capabilities combined with life sciences insight. You will work to create inventive new tools, methodologies and instruments for applications such as cutting-edge point-of-care diagnostics, and life sciences instrumentation. You will solve complex new problems through skilled experimental and analytical work, learning from and sharing your knowledge with the engineering and biology team members working alongside you.

You will also contribute to and lead ambitious projects, working collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams with a high degree of devolved responsibility. Your project planning skills and judgment will enable you to balance carefully the uncertainties of R&D with time and budget constraints. High levels of communication, alignment, and trust enable each team member’s insight and energy to shape outcomes and contribute to team goals.

You will grow strong, collaborative relationships with clients and prospective clients, understanding them along with their strategy and vision. You will develop plans that they can buy into, and maintain this understanding through the successes and setbacks of challenging technology projects. At TTP you have the freedom, as you grow into the role, to propose and develop entirely new technological and commercial offerings - with experience, your combination of increasing market and technology insight will enable you to uncover valuable new business opportunities and even new areas of business.

In summary, Consultant Biophysicists set the direction for the development of high-impact life science products and technologies, for business or selling initiatives, and for their own career growth.


The essential requirements for this role are:

Candidates with greater experience will increasingly fulfil these additional requirements:

This role is open to applicants from any career stage; from the PhD student about to graduate, to experienced professional.

Please submit your CV including evidence showing how you meet the requirements above.

The online application process will ask you to explain why you want to work at TTP, why you think you are a strong candidate for the role, and to describe a project that you have contributed to.


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