Consultant Mechanical Engineer

Cambridge, England, United Kingdom · Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineers at TTP invent novel technologies and technological products that make a difference to people’s lives, grow our clients’ businesses and help our business thrive. These can be in a wide range of application areas – for example saving patients’ eyesight by positioning implants accurately in their eye, or making power tools safer and easier to use.

Creativity, empirical evidence, robust theoretical evidence based on mathematical or computational models, and your understanding of the technical and business objectives – these are the elements you need to combine when solving problems and setting the course of a project.

Your work will have a clear and direct impact on ambitious projects, by working in small teams with a high degree of devolved responsibility. This will draw on your broad interest in Mechanical Engineering, your ability to quickly grasp unfamiliar topics and your effective collaboration with people from a variety of backgrounds.

You will be involved in all aspects of technology and product development including invention, analysis, computational modelling, prototype design, laboratory testing, process development, and transfer to manufacturing.

Your project planning skills and judgement will enable you to balance carefully the uncertainties of R&D with time and budget constraints. High levels of communication, alignment, and trust enable each team member’s insight and energy to shape outcomes and contribute to team goals.

You will grow strong, collaborative relationships with clients and prospective clients, understanding them along with their strategy and vision, developing plans that they buy into, and maintaining this understanding and buy-in through the successes and setbacks of challenging technology projects. With experience, your combination of increasing market and technology insight will enable you to uncover valuable new business opportunities and even new areas of business.


The essential requirements for this role are:

Candidates with greater experience will increasingly fulfil these additional requirements:


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