Optical Engineer

Cambridge, England, United Kingdom · Specialist


Apply your optics expertise to make a real difference to people’s lives by creating new products across a wide range of applications, from detecting infectious diseases to making autonomous cars safer.

We are looking for somebody with great enthusiasm to deepen their knowledge of optics by working on a range of exciting projects. Perhaps you have used ray-tracing programs such as Zemax to design new equipment, or maybe you have hands-on experience developing or maintaining pulsed lasers systems in your lab. Either way, you are interested in designing and building complex optical systems and want to develop these skills further.

At TTP we work together with ambitious companies to invent ground-breaking new products. As such, you will have the opportunity to work on multiple projects simultaneously, offering variety in day-to-day activities and exposure to a range of industries. For example, you may be challenged to create a hospital diagnostic device at a disruptively low price point by applying novel optical techniques from academic papers to a real-world problem. By working in multi-disciplinary teams with world-class colleagues you will see your inventions prototyped, tested and developed into manufacturable products.

Through continued exposure to challenging problems, you will deepen your optics expertise while gaining a broader capability in technology development. There is an opportunity for this role to evolve beyond the technical sphere over time as you grow strong, collaborative relationships with colleagues and clients alike. With experience, your combination of increasing market and technology insight will enable you to uncover valuable new opportunities and even develop new areas of business.


The essential requirements for this role are:


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